Robert Pattinson Spotted Looking Lonely, Troubled at NYC Dinner Sans Kristen Stewart

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Robert Pattinson’s New York Twilight fans were overjoyed to spot their idol at a recent IFC Films dinner in the Big Apple. RPattz was a surprise guest at the celebration along with his BFFs, Tom Sturridge and his brother Bob. Both Sturridges co-star in Kristen Stewart’s latest widely lauded opus On The Road. And speaking of La Stewart, where was she?

On October 5, the Twitterverse lit up with multiple messages from twihards who’d spotted RPattz at an IFC Films-sponsored dinner that was also attended by his BFF Tom Sturridge and Sturridge’s girlfriend Sienna Miller. A flurry of awed, ecstatic Tweets immediately followed, and they flew thick and fast.

“Rob Pattinson & #ontheroad star Tom Sturridge have left the bldg (& Assayas table),” one gimlet-eyed twihard wrote, “but Tweets in their honor continue from @ifcfilms bash.”

“R-Patz smokes an e-cig. So chic,” another fan observed.

“OMG…” yet another stalker–er–onlooker enthused, “just saw Robert Pattison at the Monkey Bar, New York!#hot&sexy #worththewait.”

Interestingly, Kristen Stewart’s name wasn’t mentioned once. So, the question remains: Where was she? Was she stashed at some posh Manhattan hotel waiting up for Rob? Probably not. On The Road was her movie. If she were in NYC, she surely would have accompanied him to the IFC bash. Was she back in L.A. going to bed alone? Possibly. In a photo of Robert Pattinson outside the IFC Films event, the Cosmopolis man looks possibly lonely, probably unhappy, and/or at the very least, glumly preoccupied. Was he missing KStew? Or is their reconciliation not going as well as expected?

Click here to see Rob looking…troubled. And stay tuned.

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