Robert Pattinson Takes Break from ‘Cosmopolis’ Filming to Hang Out with Fans

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Robert Pattinson is truly the people’s leading man. Recently, the Twilight Saga heart-throb took time off from his busy schedule shooting his new film, Cosmopolis, to go hang out with his fans. Truly, R-Pattz must be “the most fan-caring celeb” ever.

On June 1, Robert Pattinson took a day of from work on his new movie to simply hang out with his fans in Toronto, chit-chatting and signing autographs. Needless to say, the fans were thrilled. One super R-Pattz enthusiast described her meeting with the Breaking Dawn star as “beautiful.” She later Tweeted that Rob was “incredibly nice to everyone.” The happy twihard had reportedly waited for more than five hours to see Pattinson who arrived to the delight of a swooning crowd of twihards at 11 PM.

How sweet that Robert Pattinson takes time off to go meet with local twihards. It was probably the thrill of their young lives. As for R-Pattz, he was probably happy just to get away from his exhausting work schedule for a few hours. And a good time was had by all.

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