Robert Pattinson Talks Edward Cullen and His Changes in ‘Breaking Dawn 2′

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Robert Pattinson says Edward Cullen is a different man in Breaking Dawn Part 2. How has he changed since the last installment in the Twilight film series?

edward cullen and bella swanAccording to a report from Hollywood Life, Rob says Edward is definitely different around Bella Swan–played by his real-life girlfriend Kristen Stewart.

“He is a lot more relaxed from after the first part of Breaking Dawn, but I think it kind of throws them again off-balance when as soon as Bella becomes a vampire, (laughs) it’s all totally new again. So he never understood it before, and then she becomes the same as him and yet he still doesn’t understand her at all, like she’s stronger than him and completely unpredictable,” Rob says.

Is this a good or a bad thing for Edward and Bella’s on-screen relationship?

“She’s a heightened version of what she was before. And so he’s trying to figure that one out, but it makes him younger again, like he’s excited by his life and the last part,” Rob explains.

Hopefully Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will experience something in their personal lives akin to what Edward Cullen and Bella Swan experience in Breaking Dawn Part 2. Do you suppose he might view Kristen as ‘a heightened version of what she was before’ when they reach the point in their relationship where they’re living together again?

It would be wonderful if Kristen Stewart makes Rob feel younger and excited about his life once again. Then both their on-screen and off-screen personas will be in especially happy places at the same time.

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