Robert Pattinson Talks First Kiss and Love at First Sight: Where Does Kristen Stewart Fit In?

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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 2 may be the only thing drawing Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart back together—at least according to those who are more skeptical of a true reconciliation and instead believe that a potential “show-mance” is in play. But Pattinson was forced to kiss and tell about true love during his recent appearance on Live! with Kelly and Michael. And it almost seemed like Stewart didn’t really fit into the conversation—or that the heartthrob actor was doing his best to avoid talking about her.

File:Robert Pattinson 2011, 2.jpgMichael Strahan got straight down to business when he asked Pattinson about his first kiss. For those viewers who expected to hear about some smooch with a junior-high crush—or even for him to refer back to Stewart as the first and only kiss that really mattered to him—they were in for a shock. Pattinson unexpectedly responded, “Uhhhh why am I thinking of my grandmother; I don’t know why.”

Pattinson can always be counted on to throw fans for a loop!

The sappy romance talk continued on Kelly and Michael when the hosts turned to the topic of love at first sight. Robert Pattinson is apparently a believer in the much-debated phenomenon, although even then he wouldn’t refer to his relationship with Kristen Stewart and only responded via a short and sweet “yep.”

During even more rapid-fire quizzing by the morning TV show co-hosts, Pattinson had one more surprise up his sleeve when he said he prefers to see a girl wearing a tight dress. It was an interesting response, as tomboy Stewart’s go-to ensemble is very much the opposite. Yes, she can dress with the best of them on the red carpet (and she really has been making a stylish and sexy splash during her latest round of appearances both for Breaking Dawn and On the Road), but she very rarely goes sexy and curve-clinging in her off hours. Pattinson might wish she did!

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