Robert Pattinson Talks Hard Butts and Starring in ’50 Shades of Grey’

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Robert Pattinson was in fine form this morning when he stopped by for a live chat with MSN UK Entertainment. Although the actor was running a bit late, which is the thing to do when you are a celebrity, he seemed rather chipper. He must be feeling a bit jet lagged, but his sense of humor is clearly still intact. Rob is in the UK for the premiere of Breaking Dawn: Part 2. Once again, he is in press mode and hopping from one interview to the next.

The questions can get a little mundane, but Rob is infusing the interviews with a little life with his own wacky sense of humor. Today’s interview was based on questions from the fans. One person wanted to know what Rob would do if he could be invisible on the red carpet. In true Rob fashion he replied, “I’d go around pulling down people’s pants.” That would certainly grab people’s attention.

As far as the vampire trait he wished he had in real life, Rob doesn’t really care for the super strength and immortality. In fact, he wants something different altogether, “I’d quite like to have a harder bottom.” Is that a vampire trait?

The cheeky actor revealed one of the things on his to-do list, and it will shock you. “I want to experience one day as a woman,” he declared. Okay. That could be a little weird. Maybe Kristen Stewart can lend him a dress and heels.

Just in case anybody is still holding out for Robert Pattinson to star in the highly anticipated 50 Shades of Grey movie, he says, “I am playing that part. I also wrote the book.” Uh-huh. Sarcasm at its finest.

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