Robert Pattinson Talks On-Screen Romance with Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan

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Robert Pattinson is no doubt gearing up for the première of Breaking Dawn Part 2, and he’s also reminiscing about on-screen romantic scenes with Kristen Stewart. What’s his favorite memory of romancing Bella Swan in the Twilight films?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, you might be surprised to learn that Rob goes all the way back to the very first Twilight film to unearth his favorite scene.

“There Robert pattinson and kristen stewart (love for ever) was a bit in the first one when Bella is in hospital, and she says, ‘Don’t ever leave me again,’ and I say, ‘Where am I going to go?'” Rob says in a recent interview. “I still think that’s my favorite scene — mainly because it’s so different to what happens after it.”

As with many things about Rob and Kristen, there’s even more to the story.

“Maybe it’s because we made up the lines, and that’s how different that shoot was,” he says. “In every film afterwards, the idea of us just making up lines was unheard of. Everyone was so militant, like, ‘It has to be from the book.’ So I love that bit.”

Rob is nothing if not a hopeless, timeless romantic. How lucky is Kristen Stewart to have a second chance at love with this handsome Twilight hunk?

You can check out the clip Robert Pattinson describes as his all-time favorite romantic scene with Bella Swan by clicking on the Hollywood Life link above.

Do you have a favorite Bella Swan and Edward Cullen romantic clip from any one of the Twilight movies? Which one is your all-time favorite? Do you think it might be eclipsed by an even more romantic scene in the upcoming Breaking Dawn Part 2?

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