Robert Pattinson the Cause of Kristen Stewart, Katy Perry Feud

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Poor Robert Pattinson. The Twilight heart-throb is reportedly at the epicenter of a potential hate fest between his former girlfriend Kristen Stewart and his BFF Katy Perry. To make the situation even more complicated, the two women used to be BFFs as well, but it seems KStew got mad as hell when she found out Rob and Katy enjoyed a friendly dinner date at L.A.’s Soho House. Hey, wasn’t Soho House one of Robsten’s special places back in the day? Ouch. Talk about adding insult to injury.

And that’s exactly what La Stewart seems to think Katy Perry is doing. According to inside sources, Kristen is “angry, jealous and feels Katy’s steaming in on her man.”

The same gimlet-eyed sources also said that Perry was definitely hitting on Rob and she wasn’t being at all subtle about it either.

“She was sat across from Rob but later moved next to him,” tattled the source. “She was laying on the charm and playing the minx, tossing her head back, laughing at his jokes, touching his arm and twirling her hair.”

Yikes. That doesn’t sound much like BFF behavior. Perhaps Kristen is right about Katy’s intentions. However, the question is: Does KStew have a right to be jealous? Does the Breaking Dawn heroine have a right to even express an opinion about anything Rob does or who he does it with? After all, it was KStew whose “cheating heart” brought Robsten tumbling down.

Poor KStew. Maybe it’s time to give it up, girl.

Whether Robert Pattinson is aware of the ill feelings his ex is harboring against his female BFF is unknown. And if he’s really done with KStew as he seems to be, he probably doesn’t care. On the other hand, he must have noticed Perry hitting on him.

What do you think?

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