Robert Pattinson Thinks Kristen Stewart Lied About No Sex with Rupert Sanders!

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Ever since Kristen Stewart was busted cheating on Robert Pattinson with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, her team has been working overtime trying to limit the damage to her reputation and career. They’ve planted stories suggesting that the married father of two is a predator who took advantage of young innocent KStew and, ludicrously, have tried to claim that the two didn’t actually have sex. And at least one person is having trouble believing Team Stewart’s desperate attempts at damage control.

According to Radar Online, Rob is having a hard time trusting Kristen — because he doesn’t think she’s telling the truth about not sleeping with Rupert!

“Kristen is working hard to try and force the relationship into what it was before,” a “source” tells the website. “But the truth is, she’s going to have to take it slowly with Robert because he’s still having trouble trusting her again. For him to carry on like nothing happened is very hard. Kristen is eternally sorry for cheating on him and he has forgiven her — kind of. The problem is he can’t forget her infidelity. Kristen claims that she never actually slept with Rupert Sanders, but Robert still has that nagging feeling of doubt that she did. It’s too early for him to fully accept that they’re an item again, but Kristen is pushing for them to go back to how they were.”

The “no sex” claim is completely ridiculous. It’s laughable that Team Stewart thought anyone would believe that Kristen, who’s 22, and Rupert, who’s 41, simply held hands and kissed like they’re in junior high (especially after those photos of him going down on her in her car were published). And if KStew and Rob’s reconciliation is real and not just a publicity stunt (doubtful), then her continued lying about that isn’t going to help RPattz overcome his “serious trust issues” and allow their relationship to get back on track. But considering their “reconciliation” is just part of the promotional blitz for Breaking Dawn: Part 2 (in theaters Nov. 16!), Rob doesn’t have to play the cuckold for much longer.

What do you think? Did Kristen Stewart have sex with Rupert Sanders? Should Robert Pattinson believe her claims that she didn’t? Sound off in the comments!

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