Robert Pattinson Thinks the ‘Twilight’ Franchise Needed More Sex

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Robert Pattinson says in a recent interview that the entire Twilight franchise needs more sex. Does he want to see Twilight turn into Fifty Shades of Grey?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Rob says that even though there were Twilight scenes depicting Bella Swan Cullen and Edward Cullen in bed, that a reboot should be made that’s way, way raunchier than that.

Robert Pattinson“They should do it as a straight-up porn film,” Rob said when joking during an interview with Total Film Magazine. “That would be so good.”

It seems fans loved it when Rob and Kristen finally had sex in Breaking Dawn Part 1, and are extremely excited about the upcoming sex scenes in Breaking Dawn Part 2. Is Rob serious about a reboot of Twilight? Is he hoping for Twilight a la Fifty Shades of Grey?

Robert Pattinson is surely joking when he talks both Twilight and porn, but there’s definitely something to be said about the sex scenes and the incredible draw they have on Twilight fans.

If Rob really was serious about a Twilight reboot replete with porn–what kind of following do you think it might have?

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