Robert Pattinson to Abandon Acting Due to Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal?

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Robert Pattinson has really been adversely affected psychologically by Kristen Stewart’s infidelity. In fact, his friends say he might quit Hollywood forever because of the scandal. And reportedly, it’s not just Hollywood that RPattz wants to leave behind. He may retire from the acting profession. It seems the cheating scandal made him realize some basic truths about human nature–especially the nature of humans in show business.

RPattz’s fans will be aghast if their idol decides to abandon his vocation. But, according to Pattinson insiders, the Breaking Dawn heart-throb was never really all that crazy about it in the first place.

“Rob has always had a love-hate relationship with his career,” tattled a source. “He loves earning millions from acting, but he hates the constant intrusion into his private life.”

That’s true. In fact, the Cosmopolis man has often described his goldfish bowl existence as “crazy, weird, and surreal.” But what will he do if he stops making movies? Well, with a net worth exceeding $63 million, the answer is probably “whatever the hell he wants.”

“He has more than enough money to live very comfortably for the rest of his life,” the insider continued. “Quitting Hollywood is something he has talked about. When he found out Kristen had cheated, he opened his eyes – people in showbiz just aren’t very nice.”

Right. Newsflash, RPattz–that revelation is not limited to just Hollywood or even to show business.

Oh well, good luck to Robert Pattinson in all his future endeavors.

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