Robert Pattinson Trashes Twilight—Was He Secretly Dissing Kristen Stewart?

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Robert Pattinson recently made some disparaging remarks about the Twilight films that made him mega rich and famous, calling the Saga “a rut,” and something to “break out of.” Was he also secretly dissing his romance with Kristen Stewart as well?

In a recent interview, the erstwhile Twilight heart-throb described his work on the Saga as “four years of gradually being put more and more into smaller and smaller boxes.” Those four years imprisoned in the Saga gave him an impassioned “desire to break out.” Of course, as the world now knows, RPattz broke out dramatically when he landed the Eric Packer role in David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis, which he’s described as the first movie he’s proud of.

“You get stuck in this rut where you want people to think you’re something else,” said Rob, “but you’re too scared to do what that is to actually be the other person.”


Pattinson also revealed some odd information about his finances, and how they wee affected by his Twilight tenure. Forbes Magazine claimed Rob earned $12.5 million for Breaking Dawn Parts One and Two. However Rob scoffed at that figure, calling it “completely not true.”

His financial situation aside, Pattinson’s comments about Twilight are quite interesting. The four years he spent “imprisoned” as Twilight’s Edward Cullen coincides with the length of his personal relationship with Kristen Stewart. Could he have been thinking of their romance when he talked about imprisonment? “It’s possible. After all, many married people or people who have been in long-term relationships for too long talk about having “fallen into a rut.” Is it also possible that KStew felt the same way, and acted upon those feelings by cheating? And could that also partly explain Rob’s refusal (so far) to attempt a reconciliation or even to speak to his ex. Could he perhaps be glad that she “cheated” because it gave him an “out” of the relationship? He also drones on about pretending to be “something else” because [he was] too scared to do what that is to actually be the other person.” Could he have been referring to the hoary rumors that Robsten was a “fauxmance” created by Summit to garner more publicity for the franchise? If that’s true, he should thank KStew and Rupert Sanders for freeing him early from his “imprisonment.”

Oh well, at this point, it probably doesn’t matter. The Twilight Saga is almost at an end. Unlike his former lady Love, Robert Pattinson already has a number of professional commitments lined up. As for what will happen in his personal life, only time will tell.

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