Robert Pattinson turned off by Kristen Stewart’s foul mouth?

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Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, swears… a lot! In her new interview with Boxoffice Magazine, the actress dropped the “F-bomb” seven times while talking about her Twilight character, Bella Swan!

File:Kristen Stewart 2008.jpgThis certainly isn’t the first time that KStew has sworn, and it seems that it’s a way for her to express her passion. However, as Kristin Benson over at Hollywood Life points out, there comes a point where swearing isn’t attractive, and it can actually make you look bad. Fans love Kristen Stewart for her down-to-earth persona, but is her swearing too much?

Robert Pattinson likely has a mouth on him too, but he usually doesn’t swear during interviews—and if he does, it isn’t constant. KStew’s interview was almost offensive in a way, and it was hard to even understand her with the “F-bomb” popping out every couple of words. What do you think about swearing? Is KStew cool, or does she really need to cool it? Do you think Rob is turned off by it, or does he swear just as much?

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