Robert Pattinson: ‘Twilight’ and Kristen Stewart changed his life!

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In a new interview, Robert Pattinson admits that Twilight changed his life. Not only did the wildly successful films shape his career, but he may not have met his longtime girlfriend, Kristen Stewart, if he hadn’t signed on to do the films.

“The first filmFile:Robert Pattinson Comic-Con 2011.jpg will always seem so special to me. We were all so young and kind of excited about what was to come…it changed my life,” he said. While he might not come right out and say it, you have to believe that his personal life was just as affected as his professional life. He gained his footing in Hollywood and also fell in love… and he has Twilight to thank!

It’s really nice to hear him speak so highly of the phenomenon that made him who he is today. Sure, he might be “Edward Cullen” for a while, but he is also landing some other great roles too. And if he and Kristen Stewart end up getting married, wouldn’t that be the ultimate prize?

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