Robert Pattinson: “Twilight” Star Talks About 3-D and Whether “Breaking Dawn” Will Be Two Movies

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Now that we’ve all caught our breath over the fact that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were seen KISSING (omg! pda! wtf!), it’s time for RPattz to talk about whether the Twilight sequel Breaking Dawn will be in 3-D, and/or be split into two movies. In an interview posted on, Pattinson’s answers are: He doesn’t really know.

The actor, who’s making the rounds to promote his forthcoming flick Remember Me, tells MTV that he hasn’t actually seen any 3-D movies lately, including Avatar, and only dimly remembers them giving him a headache when he was younger. He also doesn’t have an opinion on whether Breaking Dawn should be one, two, or twenty-two separate movies.

Here’s hoping that MTV doesn’t break any other news to him — that Obama was elected president, say, or that the Winter Olympics not only have started but are almost over.


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