Robert Pattinson Visits Kristen Stewart & Tom Sturridge

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Robert Pattinson just happened to visit Montreal to see Kristen Stewart while she is filming her new movie “On The Road.” Tom Sturridge is also in Montreal as he was just cast in the movie with Stewart.

All that seems pretty natural except that Tom Sturridge is Pattinson’ best friend, and Tom may be getting too close to Kristen for Robert. Is Robert jealous of his best friend Tom? According to Hilton that is why Robert Pattinson went to see Kristen on the set of her new movie.

Everyone knows Perez Hilton can be a little strange, but R-Patz has been known to be jealous of “puss face” as Hilton to refers to Stewart. Now before you Twi-hard fans shoot the messenger, this is just an idea that Perez Hilton has. It may be innocent that Tom and Kristen were seen hugging, and again, it is natural that Robert would fly all the way to Montreal when his best friend shows up there. All that may be true, but what is strange is the timing of the visit.

When Stewart is busy filming “On The Road” one would think R-Patz would not bother her, but suddenly his best friend gets cast in the film, and R-Patz shows up. Then Gossip Center reports that Stewart and Sturridge are keeping company in Montreal while filming “On the Road.”

“On the Road” is movie of a young man’s travels across the United States and is base on the travels of Jack Kerouac. It all is probably very innocent, but interesting, as Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have never been declared a couple other than by Robert, so now that she is keeping company with Robert’s good friend, Tom, tongues will wag.




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