Robert Pattinson Vs. Taylor Lautner–Which Breaking Dawn Hunk Cleans Up Hotter? Shocking Poll Results

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Robert Pattinson has often commented that he would hate to get into a fight with his Breaking Dawn Part Two co-star, Taylor Lautner. He’d lose. Although Rob was referring to a physical fight, in a recent poll, RPattz & TLaut butted heads to see which one fans considered hotter. Guess who won?

When people hear (or say) the phrase “Twilight heart-throb,” they’re envisioning Kristen Stewart’s reconciled beau, right? After all RPattz has worn that epithet for quite a while–four years in fact. It’s pretty much his private property. Or not. A recent TMZ poll sported photos of both Twilight hunks, both dressed in suits, both looking elegant, handsome, and well…”heart-throbby.” Both men were fashionably dressed in red carpet worthy attire. RPattz sported the green suit he wore at the Breaking Dawn Part Two premiere in L.A. TLaut was clad in the grey suit that he sported at the same event. The poll asked just one single, rather impertinent but scintillating question–“Who’d you rather?”

Team Edward Twihards, prepare to weep or hang your heads in shame, or whatever. Team Jacob members, get ready to gloat. “Muscle wolf boy,” Taylor Lautner won the poll with a truly impressive 69 percent of the votes, leaving his on-screen nemesis face down in the dust. No one was undecided.

What would Bella say?

Well, there you have it. Click here to see pics of the nicely cleaned-up Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner in their red carpet finery. Do you agree with the poll results?

Note to TLaut: Congratulations!

Note to RPattz: Better start hitting the gym, honey. Just saying.

Photo Source: Zimbio

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