Robert Pattinson Wants a Simple English Wedding — And Kristen Stewart?

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Robert Pattinson is very specific about the kind of wedding he intends to have when he finally decides to get married. In a recent interview, the Twilight heart-throb described in detail his requirements for the perfect nuptials.

First of all, R-Pattz is determined to keep his future wedding simple and the number of wedding guests low. Sorry fans, Robert Pattinson’s wedding will be “small [and] low-key,” attended by friends and family only. There’ll be no paparazzi allowed. And not many fellow celebrities either.

“It’s not exactly my style to fly in 500 different celebrities from around the world,” Rob explained. “My best friends now are the same best friends I had before everything got a little crazy. I would want it to just be family and close friends, not somebody I’ve said hello to once at an awards ceremony.”

That makes sense. Obviously, Robert Pattinson wants his wedding to be a wedding—not a publicity circus. And where would this perfect small, intimate, low-key wedding take place? In Pattinson’s native England, of course. R-Pattz is determined to tie the know in the country of his birth.

“The weather in LA is great,” mused the Water For Elephants star, “but if I were to get married, I think I would like to do so back home.”

Interestingly, although Robert Pattinson has planned every detail of his future wedding day, he made no mention of the bride. In fact, the name of his girlfriend, his Breaking Dawn co-star Kristen Stewart, never came up. Oh well, perhaps he decided to let his public fill in the blanks. He has, however, spoken in the past about how the way he envisions his future married life. He definitely wants a family.

“…simply,” Rob admitted, “I want a family with two or three kids.”

Well, there you have it. Hope you’re listening, K-Stew. Be prepared.

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