Robert Pattinson ‘Water for Elephants’ Reviews are Mixed

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Reviews for Robert Pattinson in Water for Elephants are in, and they are not good. For the most part, Pattinson gets slammed. However, fans of the star are not looking at his acting talent; they are looking for Pattinson.

Water for Elephants premiers on April 22, but the movie critics’ reviews hit Pattinson rather hard. Some have high praise for him saying he is “entirely convincing,” while others say he is “woefully untalented,” “lifeless,” and “dull.”

“The Associated Press says ‘Witherspoon and Pattinson are a three-ring snooze-fest together’, calling Christoph the ‘lone attraction’ who highlights how ‘dull’ Reese and Rob are. They go as far as saying, ‘The movie is a long, long way from the greatest show on Earth; at best, it might be the greatest show in your local theater, assuming it’s the only film playing there.'” Wow, three points for AP for cruelty!

Critics are not just slamming Robert Pattinson, but Reese Witherspoon as well. As for Ms. Witherspoon, let the critics have a field day. She was heartless to Pattinson with her own reviews of their love scenes. She told reporters that he was sick and snorted on her. She gets what she deserves.

Then, The Huffington Post really tears Pattinson to bits. They call him “woefully untalented.” What is with that? Hollywood Life reports, “The attack doesn’t stop there: ‘Pattinson had better hope that someone writes a whole bunch more of the Twilight novels because once those movies run out, his string as a movie star is probably up. He has no discernible talent as an actor, beyond a bedroom gaze that seems to express very little of what’s on his mind.'”

Finally, The Chicago Tribune is not too nice either, but they at least attempt to be kind. The compliments came from Moviehole. They say of Robert Pattinson, “Who knew this kid could act?” Well thank goodness for that review.

The Hollywood Reporter gives Robert credit when they say, “Looking 300 per cent better than he did in his last non-‘Twilight’ outing, ‘Remember Me,’ Pattinson is entirely convincing as Jacob, a Cornell veterinary school student who escapes from the ruin provoked by his parents’ untimely death by almost inadvertently joining the circus.'”

So basically, critics are not happy with Robert Pattinson, Reese Witherspoon, the movie, or the plot. It is unfortunate, but most movies that critics do not like go on to be winners. Pattinson is already a winner, and he will move on after the critics are long forgotten.

Movie critics must understand that no one is interested in their opinion. Most people who will go to see Water for Elephants are there to see Robert Pattinson, not a classic.

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