Robert Pattinson’s Infidelity-Inspired Gift From Cosmopolis Costar Sarah Gadon (Video)

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Robert Pattinson’s beautiful blonde Cosmopolis co-star, Sarah Gadon gave him an extremely interesting parting gift when their work on the film ended. It was a DVD of another film that happened to be about infidelity. Gadon swore in a recent interview that she chose that particular film because, in Cosmopolis, she and Pattinson played married characters whose relationship is fraught with infidelity. Nevertheless, the timing of her gift is quite interesting. Reportedly, RPattz and his girlfriend of four years, Snow White and the Huntsman star Kristen Stewart have been going through some rough times relationship-wise. Was Gadon’s gift a message?

“Generally, when I’m working on a film, at the end of the film, I like to give…the actor, or whoever I’m working with some sort of a film,” explained Gadon in an interview on the George Stroumboulopoulos Show, “because I love film. So yeah, I gave Rob a film. I gave him a movie called Le Bonheur, by Agnès Varda.”

When Stroumboulopoulos asked if Rob had seen the film, Gadon admitted that she didn’t know. He never got back to her about it.

“Oh! I don’t know actually,” she admitted. “I never asked, and he never mentioned anything, and then I thought oh no! Maybe I shouldn’t ask—because the film is incredible—it’s all about infidelity and about the randomness of it, and I thought it would be appropriate because he spends the whole film cheating on his wife.”

Yikes. A far more intriguing question is what did Kristen Stewart think of La Gadon’s gift? Especially now when she and Rob are reportedly spending most of their together time arguing. Ouch. Could that be why Rob never got back to Sara to thank her for her gift? Or worse, could the gift be one of the things he and KStew argue about?

You can watch Sara Gadon dish on her infidelity-inspired gift to Robert Pattinson on the video clip below. What do you think?

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