Robert Pattinson’s On-Screen Baby Mama Dishes on Hunky Brit

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Everyone loves Robert Pattinson. Even the mother of his on-screen children, Sonya Gonzales, can’t help but gush over the hunky British actor. Sonya says that RPattz is just as great as he seems.

File:Robert Pattinson 01.jpg“[He was] very sweet,” she said. “He’s so much taller than I am and he was dressed like a regular guy with a ball cap on. I didn’t know he was from England until he spoke to me.” (Where has she been?)

Fans watched RPattz as a smoking hot dad to Sonya’s children in Water For Elephants, and judging by Gonzales’ comments about the Robert Pattinson, he’ll make a great father someday.

KStew is a very lucky girl. She has a great looking, talented, down to earth boyfriend, who obviously loves her. Perhaps, upon seeing Rob as a fictitious on-screen dad, Kristen Stewart is picturing her future with Robert Pattinson, and wondering if that future includes children of their own.

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