Robert Pattinson’s Shocking Confession about Kristen Stewart–Were Nonstens Right All Along?

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There’s one thing about Robert Pattinson: From moment to moment you can never be sure what will come out of his mouth. A case in point was a shocking statement the Cosmopolis man made in a recent Breaking Dawn Part Two promotional interview. When asked what quality he liked most in his Twilight alter ego, Edward Cullen, the uber-famous heart-throb’s faux pas–er–reply was spontaneous, heartfelt, and unbelievably shocking.

“He’s very passionate and honest,” replied Kristen Stewart’s recently regained man. “I’d love to love like that; Bella is everything to him. I have not fallen as hard as Edward does.”

Speaking of Kristen Stewart. Ouch! RPattz practically confessed that, unlike Edward Cullen, he has never been totally, utterly, completely head over heels in love. Not once. Ever. In his whole life. And that, unfortunately must include his four-year romance with his recently reconciled girlfriend, Kristen Stewart. No wonder she cheated. Was it because she knew in her heart of hearts that Rob wasn’t really all that into her? Poor KStew. And lucky Rupert Sanders. Maybe the Snow White and the Huntsman director should send Rob a nice fruit basket or tickets to some sports event.

Seriously, Robert Pattinson’s astonishing statement gives rise to another question–one which will, no doubt, upset his legions of worldwide twihards. But alas, they’re old enough to confront a possible truth. Could the Nonstens have been right all along? Was Robsten just a showmance created by Summit Entertainment as a Twilight Saga promotional tool. Even if the RPattz/KStew love affair wasn’t a complete sham, perhaps it was always more casual than serious. A “friends with benefits” arrangement perhaps? Or a casual dating situation that actually lost momentum years ago but wasn’t allowed to die a natural death because Summit’s publicity machine kept it on life support?

Sorry twihards, but, in one respect, Hollywood is sort of like Forks. Anything is possible.

What do you think?

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