Robert Pattinson’s Violent Solution to Paparazzi Trouble

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Robert Pattinson has been valiantly trying to avoid questions about Kristen Stewart and the scandal that rocked his world. His fictional relationship troubles have been in the headlines for years, but this time it is all real. He has long lamented his fame and the ensuing problems it creates, but it sounds as if he is reaching a breaking point.

The press is a double-edged sword for celebrities. They need it to stay relevant and promote their films, but they hate it because of the constant invasion of privacy. Rob explains, “Media culture is a monstrous thing. You can’t win.” When he was in a happy relationship with Kristen, there were plenty of tabloid headlines making ridiculous break up claims and other such nonsense. Now, that the relationship has crumbled, he is subjected to even more media scrutiny.

Rob adds, “The annoying thing is that you can’t attack them, but you can’t defend yourself.” So, what can he do, “The best thing you could possibly do is punch a paparazzi and give them their big payday.” There are plenty of celebrities who have done just that and probably feel a lot better afterwards. Right, Justin Bieber?

The Cosmopolis star is clearly not pleased with the media and blames them for making the world a dumber place. “The tabloid industry does terrible, terrible things for the world. It makes people stupid,” quips the actor. Ouch. Not all media. Robert Pattinson admits giving in to the appeal of the tempting headlines, “Every time I’ve looked at a magazine like that, I’ve regretted it. I gain absolutely nothing from it. And neither does anyone else.”

He was clearly not reading the right magazine. Everything must be taken with a grain of salt. It is up to each reader to decide what they believe.

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