Robert Reldan Settlement – Why Did Aunt Leave Susan Reeve’s Convicted Killer Fortune?

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Robert Reldan is a convicted rapist and murderer, and he is currently serving a life sentence for Susan Reeve’s murder. His aunt, Lillian Garis Booth, actually left him a giant fortune when she died. Why did she do this?

Why Did Lillian Garis Booth Leave Robert Reldan a Fortune?

Reldan is in jail for multiple rapes and murders, and he also served time for plotting to kill his aunt – the same Lillian Garis Booth who actually left him the fortune ironically. Why would Booth leave her nephew this money? She apparently left a letter that said, “I did not believe my nephew would hurt me, nor do I today.” Reldan was convicted of murdering Susan Heynes.

Robert Reldan Forfeited $10M in Settlement for Susan Reeve’s Murder

The settlement is a triumph for Susan Reeve’s family, who absolutely did not want Reldan to become a wealthy paroled rapist. Of course, he was denied parole in April 2009, and it is likely that he will not become eligible again for at least 27 or more months after that date. The hope is that he will not ever be paroled from his life sentence. Reeve’s family has donated the settlement to a scholarship fund in Susan’s name at her alma mater Hollins University in Virginia.

Convicted Killer Robert Reldan Settlement Details

This amazing settlement also changed the law that eliminated the statute of limitations under the Survivor’s Act. An immediate disbursement of $705,000 goes to Reeve’s estate, and most of the trust’s income up to $10 million will go to Reeve’s estate – the annual income is estimated to range from $300,000 to $350,000. While in jail, Reldan will still receive $2,080 each year, and if he is ever paroled, he will get $50,000 each year.

It is crazy that Robert Reldan’s aunt Lillian Garis Booth left him such a largess. Thankfully the twice convicted murderer rapist will not have a major benefit from the fortune even if he is paroled. Right now he is 70 years old, and it seems unlikely that he will be granted parole after his many crimes. Thankfully students will benefit from the settlement with Susan Reeve’s family settlement through the scholarship in her name. When she was so horribly murdered, she had just finished college, started a professional job and gotten engaged.

Do you think that this type of settlement will serve as a deterrent for any other would be criminals?

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