Robert Reldan Susan Reeve murder details – Convicted Killer’s Crimes & recent Settlement

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Convicted killer Robert Reldan is back in the headlines as the family of Susan Reeve won a major lawsuit settlement, awarding $10 million that Reldan inherited from an aunt, to Susan Reeve’s family.  They will donate that money to Hollins University in the name of Susan Reeve for a charitable scholarship fund.  The news has brought up a terrible crime perpetrated by Reldan thirty-five years ago.

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According to Arizona Daily Wildcat, Susan Reeve had left for work on the morning of October 14th, 1975.  She disappeared and was never seen or heard from again.  Just two weeks later, they discovered her body in a park.  Robert Reldan was a building contractor at the time.  He was soon arrested for the crime and charged with the rape and murder of Susan Reeve.  He had strangled her using pantyhose.  In addition to this horrific crime, Reeves had killed another woman, Susan Heynes, a 28-year-old in the same month.  Her body was discovered in the woods very close to where they found the deceased Susan Reeves.

The aftermath for all this is that Reldan is serving life in prison.  Susan Reeve’s family sued Reldan to make sure he won’t be getting much of his $10 million inheritance left by his aunt Lillian Garis Booth.  She had an estate worth $220 million back in 2007, her year of death.  There were allegations he conspired to kill his aunt for that inheritance, so he was convicted of conspiracy, adding a five-year term.  Booth had written in her letter regarding the inheritance “I did not believe my nephew would hurt me, nor do I today.”  She just may have been a very generous, forgiving soul.

The Reeves family filed for the lawsuit over a year ago in New Jersey and have some more justice served as they will deny Reeves from a lot of his inheritance.  It’s great that the family will have some peace of mind and also allow Susan Reeve’s memory to live on through this impressive $10M donation.  At the same time, the Wildcat is reporting if Reldan is ever paroled he’ll still get $50,000 a year for the rest of his life.

The questions here, does Reldan even deserve that much money, if in fact he gets his freedom?  Should a convicted killer be awarded any inheritance, or should the laws be changed to make sure they can’t ever touch it?

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