Roberta Mancino: Italian Model And National Freestyle Champion Skydiver (video)

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Talk about an adrenaline junky! Who is Roberta Mancino? She is a daring Italian beauty, and an extreme sports fanatic. And, what is her sport of choice? Skydiving! Roberta Mancino says she decided to try skydiving after “I saw the movie ‘Point Break’.” Not only did she try skydiving, but she excelled at the sport. She is currently the Italian National Freestyle champion, and also holds the record for Free Fly. Okay, Free Fly sounds a little dangerous. Here is the real kicker … Mancino jumps out of planes in her bare nothing. Yep, you heard right. Naked! Now doesn’t that sound like fun?

In an exclusive interview with Men’s Fitness Magazine, Roberta Mancino was asked about her nude skydiving experience, “I did a jump for a magazine shoot once and it was very cold. The plane was full of other skydivers and I kept a blanket over me until it was time. I jumped out first so the entire load of skydivers – 23 people – got a little show at altitude. It was chilly, but once I jumped it was a nice feeling to have the wind against my body and to not have a jumpsuit or any clothes flapping against me.”


Wow, would you call that Free Flying? Roberta Mancino is a beautiful model, and a well respected skydiving coach. This is a very strenuous sport and Mancino trains hard to prepare for International Skydiving competitions. It’s in her blood, Mancino says, “I can’t live without skydiving because it has become my life.” Roberta Mancino is an astonishing woman. What do you think of Mancino’s story?




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