Robin Quivers Not Dead in Hit and Run in New Jersey

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Howard Stern co-host Robin Quivers almost died in a hit and run accident in New Jersey over the weekend. Thankfully, she is alive to talk about it, and the driver is behind bars.

She is called the sidekick to the shock jock on satellite radio. But today, she is being called one lucky woman to be alive.

Stern’s radio sidekick and better half was driving in Barneget Township when a driver came out of nowhere and struck her with his vehicle.

The driver did not stop to give aid and left the scene of the car crash, according to The Inquisitr.

Thankfully, witnesses jotted down the license plate of the wayward driver and police were later able to track him down. Police arrested Robert Crockett, 50, for the hit and run accident involving the radio co-host.

For Robin Quivers, the hit and run accident almost ended in her death, as she said she was “almost killed.” She was not physically injured, only shaken up.

However, it underscores the reality that life hangs by a thread and at any moment, an accident can happen.

She did what she does best. Quivers took to the radio on The Howard Stern Show and gave details of the hit and run to listeners.

“I was in a car accident,” she explained. “This guy came out of a parking lot or some kind of side street like a maniac and he lost control of his car and he hit me. He spun around in a 360 and hit me.”

In raw fashion, Stern said that if Robin Quivers was going to be in another hit and run or car crash, she should do it near the end of the week so he has time to deal with it.

Photo source: Stern Fan Network [screen grab]

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