Robocalls! Voter Fraud in Wisconsin? (Video)

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Some believe that ‘Robocalls’ were sent to voters ahead of the historic recall election between Scott Walker and Tom Barrett in Wisconsin. In the search for why Scott Walker could possibly win the election, some news outlets have been pointing to automatic calls that allegedly were made to citizens that their vote was already counted if they signed the petition to recall Scott Walker.

Sen. Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) believes that the allegation is a “huge issue” and is calling for an investigation into the matter, and discusses her concern about the possible voter fraud with Ed Shultz. An article in the Huffington Post said, “Staffers at the Wisconsin Education Association confirmed to the Huffington Post that they have heard similar messages going to voters but they did not know the origin of the messages or how widespread the rumors are.” If true, it is surprising that anyone would believe such a message and stay home on Election Day. Perhaps Wisconsin voters are particularly gullible, but that is doubtful.

Additional reasons surmised by some as to why Tom Barrett did not get elected was due to the debunked claim that the Democratic candidate could not raise enough money, as “the big donors spent about the same on each candidate, the big difference in funding came from individual donors.” This is explained away by stating that many of the donations came from out-of-state voters, which is interesting, as many unions bussed in protestors from out-of-state, but that was never portrayed as somehow unscrupulous.

State Republican Party spokesman Ben Sparks said that “any false information was provided by a ‘third-party organization’ not connected to the state GOP or the Walker campaign. He said the party wants the GAB to investigate the issue as well.” If there is any truth to the allegation, people should be held accountable, but the charges do not ring true.

Not surprisingly, no recordings have surfaced of the alleged robocalls. Sen. Lena Taylor discusses the charge at around 2:45.

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