Robot ‘Strippers’ Cause a Sensation in Japan (Video)

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Is this what Walt Disney really had in mind? A nightclub in Japan, the nation which leads the world in robot technology, opened a new show to the public in which ‘strippers’ are gigantic animatronic models.

Mixing live dancers with four, 10-foot tall robots, the club, called Robot Restaurant, puts on an hour-long cabaret show, with several costume changes, which is causing a sensation in the infamous Kabuchiko red light district.

The ecdysiastic-style show, tamed by Western standards, reduces the robotic giants to platforms from which the real girls pander to the frenzied public, comprised of, naturally enough, mostly men.

After a brief intermission, the four “strippers” reappear in military garb atop tanks and toting guns. What this has to do with anything is uncertain, but, considering the 4,000 yen admission price ($50 USD), standing room only crowds are more than willing to fork it over.

How long until Disney World gets a hold of this new technology?

Here’s the video. It’s made by some early, lucky clubgoers, so skip to the 5 minute mark.

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