Robyn Gardner Buried Alive, Police Allege

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Robyn Gardner vanished months ago while vacationing in Aruba with a man by the name of Gary Giordano. As Aruban investigators continue to search, it’s been alleged that the woman could have suffered a horrendous fate while on her exotic island vacation.

It’s being reported that investigators have received a valid tip via an anonymous source on the possible fate suffered by the missing 35-year-old Robyn Gardner. Aruban investigators are acting on the tip, saying that it’s credible. It’s believed now that Robyn was buried alive by Gary Giordano after suffering a horrendous beating and suffocation attempt. The source, who is anonymous, claims that he was present during the horrific live burial of the missing American woman. This meshes with the witness reports a few months back about seeing a second male acquaintance with the woman while she was vacationing with Giordano.

The anonymous source also claims that Robyn Gardner was writhing and moaning in the dog grave as Gary proceeded in burying her. She was buried alive.

He secured her arms and legs with duct tape and taped a plastic bag over her head before driving to Dog Graves Beach. There, he dug up a fresh dog’s grave with his hands, removed the dog’s body, widened the hole and put Robyn in it. He placed the dog’s body on top of hers – and covered them up,” said the insider who called in the tip.

Dog Graves Beach is an area in Aruba that isn’t very pleasant; nor is it frequented necessarily by visitors. It’s a massive pet burial ground. To think that this is how the missing Maryland woman met her fate is just disturbing to say the least. Things aren’t looking good for Gary Giordano, who still insists that he’s innocent of any wrongdoing. The evidence is piling up against him, even if he does have Tot Mom’s lawyer in his corner.

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