Robyn Lawley Considered Plus-Sized Model at Size 10

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Beautiful Robyn Lawley is making a name for herself in the modeling world as a plus-sized model. However, there’s a catch that you won’t believe. She is just a size 10.

In today’s modeling world, anyone size 8 or above is often considered “plus-sized”. That seems crazy given that there is a supposed crack down on excessively skinny models because they send out the wrong message to impressionable young girls.

Still, Lawley accepts the attention and hopes it will help make other slightly larger girls consider modeling as a career. She claims she wants to use her voice “to be a positive role model….”

Robyn admits it took her a while to become a confident model. When she began seeking modeling jobs, everyone pressured her to lose weight by eating less and working out more. Now, however, she’s accepted the way she is and she’s happy that she can just be herself.

The beautiful brunette says recent successes in Vogue Italia and with Ralph Lauren feel really good. “It’s been a…long time coming,” she admits. However, she believes such things happen in the time they’re supposed to.

There is no denying that Robin is a stunning woman. Find her picture here. But she doesn’t look plus-sized and there is something wrong with an industry that thinks she is.

It is obvious that the industry intends to keep pushing its own opinions on everyone else. Clearly, in their eyes, if a women isn’t a size 0 to 4, she’s an aberration. That’s just crazy anyway you look at it. Then everyone wonders why young girls have such poor body image. It’s because they’re being told they don’t fit in with the picture of “ideal” beauty.

Sadly, nothing in the fashion or beauty industry will change as long as women keep supporting their insanity. Buying their magazines and products puts a rubber stamp on the way they think. For every Robyn Lawley who makes in the industry, a hundred beautiful women will turned away because of their size. That’s just sad.

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