‘Rock of Ages’ Star Julianne Hough Shares Fitness Secrets

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Rock of Ages star Julianne Hough recently shared some fitness tips that quite obviously keep her in fabulous shape. Do you think Ryan Seacrest knows her secrets?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, these two steps have kept the dancer in exceptional shape for many years. Even as a professional dancer, she maintains they are good exercises for staying taut and toned.

Julianne’s first secret is called Standing Abs.

Julianne Hough“They whittle my waist!” she says.

To perform the move, stand with your feet spread wider apart than your hips. ‘Lean to your right with your right hand on your leg and place your left hand on your rib cage.’ Go back to your center and repeat the move from the opposite side. Julianne Hough suggests 50 repetitions as you alternate sides.

Her second secret is called Curtsy Lunges.

“They work the entire leg!” Julianne says with great gusto.

To perform this move, stand with your feet together and your hips facing forward. Take one step backwards and lunge the way you would if curtseying. Repeat this move for 24 repetitions, switching sides as you go.

Do you think you might try these exercises since Julianne Hough recommends them? If exercises could make you look even a fraction as fabulous as the Rock of Ages star looks, then they’re well worth both the time and effort required.

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