Rod Blagojevich digs a ditch for himself on “Celebrity Apprentice”

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Go to fullsize imageFormer Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich is one of the contestants on this seasons Celebrity Apprentice and he is so full of surprises.

Instead of trying to be Donald Trump’s next apprentice he was being a politician, only this time he was promoting his innocence.

Blagojevich is under investigation due to a political scandal that erupted last year when he was accused of trying to sell President Obama’s former Senate seat. As a result to the scam Blagojevich was asked to step down as the Illinois governor.

On the premier of Celebrity Apprentice the men were running a restaurant and raising money for charity. While greeting the customers Blagojevich shook their hands while pleading his innocence by saying, “Im not guilty of those things”.

Each man on the team had their own task and Blagojevich job was to take orders and wait tables, but unfortunately he got caught up in a few political moments. As he was suppose to be taking orders a man recognized him and mentioned the word politics and Blagojevich immediately told him to stay out of it. While a customer was sitting at a table of four waiting for his hamburger Blagojevich took it up on himself to hold a conversation about the allegations against him for as long as 5 minutes. He constantly repeated i didn’t do those things and went on to explain his side of the story. In the process of him pleading his innocence the customer’s hamburger got cold.

Before elimination Donald asked Blagojevich about his role in the challenge and he suddenly loss his memory. The good news is the men won the challenge due to the amount of money they raised over the women. That time Blagojevich got away because he should have went home anyway just for discussing politics.

On the second episode of Celebrity Apprentice Blagojevich was really incriminating himself. Once again he got caught up in politics and tried to plead his innocence. The teams were suppose to set up an event to promote Kodak products and the only idea Blagojevich  had was to have balloons. But before the event began Blagojevich was outside signing autographs. He ran into a crowd of people outside and while greeting them one of the civilans yelled out “You are a disgrace”, “You’re going to prison for what you did” and Blagojevich response was, “That man is angry”. At one point two young girls didn’t even recognize Blagojevich as the former Illinois governor. In fact they thought he was Donnie Osmond until he told them who he was. Later on before the challenge began Blagojevich took a personal phone call where he discussed his personal legal matters with his lawyer. He elevated his voice and continued to call his ex-partner who committed suicide after the scandal a liar! He then asked his lawyer did they have a video to colloberate any evidence.

 When the challenge each man had their own spot to take pictures with the customers but everyone except Blagojevich and Sinbad took one or two pictures while the rest took several. Although the men lost the challenge to the women this time, I feel Blagojevich should have went home instead of Sinbad.

Two times in a row Blagojevich should have been sent home there is no way that this man is trying to win the Apprentice. He is not even a celebrity as far as I am concerned. He was literally hanging himself. If he was innocent then he should not have had to proclaim his innocence as much as he has so far.

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