Rod Blagojevich gets fired from “Celebrity Apprentice”

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Go to fullsize imageRod you are Fired! I must say it’s about time! With Blagojevich gone the men can finally win another challenge or at least try to win!

First the female comedian, then it was Sinbad, next was Darryl Strawberry and now Blagojevich is gone!

Since the beginning of the show the former Illinois governor was promoting his innocence from his involvement in a political scandal.

Big ups to Michael Johnson, Olympic gold medalist who used his mental ability and immediately nominated Blagojevich as project manager. He knew Rod was incapable of leading his team and Rod didn’t hesitate to prove Johnson wrong.

Selma Banks, Victoria Secrets model was project manager for the women and she performed her duties quite well while Rod slept. He didn’t even know how to work on a computer. He didn’t make phone calls or conduct any duties like a project manager should. Instead he called Bret and gave him bits and pieces of what needed to be done and Bret took over from there.

Bret was also not good at leading his team. He didn’t give any direct direction and they were clueless and all over the place. Unfortunately the men aka Rocksolid lost the challenge, giving the ladies 3 to their one.

When Donald asked Rod which two men would go up with him for elimination he chose Michael and the chef instead of Bret. As a result to his incapabilities of upholding a position as project manager he was fired!

Bye Bye Blagojevich now you can finish proclaiming your innocence!

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