Roderick Arrington: 7-Year-Old Boy Beaten for Not Reading Bible (Video)

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A 7-year-old Las Vegas boy was beaten to death by his parents after he didn’t read a bible verse that he was supposed to. The Las Vegas Sun reports that Roderick Arrington Jr., who went by RJ, was admitted to a hospital in Las Vegas on November 29th, unresponsive. Police were called to the hospital after staff found severe bruising and brain swelling. RJ Arrington Jr. died the very next day.

What could possibly possess parents to beat their child so badly that he died as a result? The 7-year-old failed to read a bible verse and then lied about it, and was beaten and shaken because he didn’t finish his homework. Police say the boy’s stepfather, Markiece Palmer, 34, who actually did the beating with several objects, was arrested as well as his mother, Dina Palmer, 27, who stood by while the boy was badly beaten. Then, they didn’t get him to a doctor until it was too late.

The arrest report detailed markings that were indicative of past beatings. Apparently, the couple called their pastor before they called 911 when they realized that they had beaten him nearly to death. This is typical of the hypocritical Christian that is so prevalent in today’s society. They say one thing, and then do another. Some of them preach out against homosexuality, while having sex with gay prostitutes on the side, others beat their children to death over a bible verse. That probably wasn’t what Jesus had in mind when the said “suffer the little children.”

The Palmers face charges of murder, abuse and child neglect for the death of Roderick Arrington.

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