Rodney King Dead: Celebs React to King’s Death on Twitter

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With Rodney King dead today at age 47, many celebrities are expressing their thoughts on his passing. King made headlines years ago after a horrific beating at the hands of LA police officers. The incident sparked outrage and riots, as well as lyrics in many songs. Several rap stars, comedians, and actors have been among those discussing the death of King on Twitter.

Among the rappers who mentioned King in their music included Ice Cube, who released many songs discussing racial inequality and racial profiling. Another rapper, The Lady of Rage, well known for her west coast rap, including appearances on Dr. Dre’s album The Chronic, said on Twitter:

Rodney King……finally at peace!

Another rap star, MC Hammer, famous for songs like “Can’t Touch This,” tweeted:

“I found no humor in the death of the man who symbolized the cries of the community against rogue law enforcement..RIP Rodney King #Salute”

Actress and talk show host, Holly Robinson Peete (pictured), tweeted:

“Fair warning: if i see any Rodney King jokes on my TL you will be invited to a #block party…”

That’s not to say there hasn’t been jokes made regarding the death of Rodney King, as there are comedians tweeting one-liners as well. As noted above, at least two celebs aren’t laughing about it though. It’s very clear that the controversy involving King’s apprehension by police had a major impact on many celebrities. There’s likely to be more individuals speaking up in the coming days, as the tragic news continues to sink in.

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