Rodney King DUI Investigation: ‘Déjà vu’ or ‘c’est la vie’ for Former LAPD Victim?

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Rodney King has been charged with DUI after a thorough investigation. He and his 1993 Mitsubishi were pulled over by Riverside County Sheriff’s deputies. If you recall, Rodney King is known for the “Rodney King” beating back in 1991.

After the “beating,” police officers were investigated for viciously beating him up after he raced through a California intersection at a crazy speed of over 100 MPH. King then crashed into a house and a utility pole. Rodney King had reportedly been uncooperative with police when they tried to arrest him back in 1991.

After the police officers were arrested for police brutality towards King, they were eventually acquitted, and the LA riots ensued. People were outraged that officers of the law could behave so violently and cruelly, and yet walk away with a slap on the wrist.

However, this run-in with the LAPD is certainly not Rodney King’s first (or last) law enforcement rodeo. Back in 1989, King was arrested and charged with robbery of a Monterey Park store in California. He used an iron bar to threaten and then hit the store owner. King served two years in prison for this crime. While King certainly did not deserve the LAPD beating, he is obviously no angel.

Now that you have been updated on Rodney King’s past drama, he is presently in trouble with the police again. This time, the Riverside officers arrested him about 3:30 PM in the town of Moreno Valley in California.

Rodney King was originally pulled over for a routine traffic stop, but authorities quickly became suspicious of his seemingly intoxicated state. At this time, police have not reported what they suspect King to be intoxicated with.

Back in the 2003, Rodney King was reported to have been intoxicated with PCP during another DUI incident. Could it be a PCP intoxication again, or is it something else?

It has been reported that King was transported to the nearby Sheriff’s station in order to be further investigated. Rodney King was later arrested for driving while under the influence of an unknown substance.

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