Roger Ebert Facial Prosthesis after Cancer

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Roger Ebert has overcome a lot of struggles with cancer that led to the removal of most of his lower face. The film critic has never wavered from the public eye through his ordeal, and now it seems he is back on track with a new look, and a new television show. What an outstanding show of strength and will this man has shown. This is definitely a true display of courage, and a great inspiration for many.

According to a post at, it was assumed most of the show would be hosted by AP critic Christy Lemire and Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, but Roger Ebert had other plans.  The critic intends to be very much in the mix, and will have his own weekly segment called “Roger’s Office.”  Fans of the critic are likely to be very excited for Ebert, and anxiously awaiting his segment.

Roger Ebert broke the news via his blog, and stated constructing the prosthesis was a “two-year process that has now resulted with my coming into possession of a silicone prosthesis.” Ebert’s new look was created using 3-D photos of him and a bust, made years ago by a friend of Ebert’s who was in art school.

Using these resources Roger Ebert states doctors and an anthropologist created a “device [that] would fit over my lower face and neck and, colored to match my skin, would pass muster at a certain distance.” Ebert even posted a picture of himself wearing his prosthesis.  It definitely looks great, and this writer is glad Mr. Ebert has come through all of his trials so admirably!


Photo: Roger Eberts Blog

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