Rolls-Royce Phantom Goes Electric (Video)

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The Rolls-Royce 102EX is an experimental electric version of the Rolls-Royce Phantom. Only one has been produced so far, and it’s being paraded around as a test marketing tool to see how well it’s received by the media, dealerships, wealthy car buyers, and the general public.

Rolls-Royce Electric Car Tradeoffs

One of the major disappointments with electric Rolls-Royce is that the maximum distance the car can go on a full charge is 125 miles. While this would satisfy the needs of most commuters, the harder to please luxury car enthusiasts are probably going to be reluctant to trade in the flexibility of taking a spontaneous long drive or going on a multi-day trip for the green factor of an electric car.

While the electric version Rolls Royce Phantom is relatively fast, it still takes almost eight seconds to go from 0 to 60 mph. This is approximately 2.5 seconds slower than the conventional Phantom. Top speed is set at 99 mph.

Despite those tradeoffs, the Rolls-Royce Phantom 102EX does have a smooth, quiet, and well-balanced ride. And it comes complete with a champagne cooler in the back seat.


Will the Rolls-Royce 102EX be Available for Purchase?

While the 102EX has gotten considerable media attention and some initial praise, no one has asked to order one yet. It may take some time for the concept to take off, but Rolls-Royce should be able to piggyback off Tesla Motors, a company who is paving the way in the premium electric car market.

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