Roman Abramovich Buys Island for Art? $400 Million to Restore it – Was Girlfriend Dasha Zhukova Involved?

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Roman Abramovich, a Russian billionaire, buys an island just for art? Abramovich will shell out $400 million to restore the island and possibly construct an art museum there. So, did his girlfriend, Dasha Zhukova put him up to it? The New Holland Island development will include restorations of old buildings and construction of new ones including office buildings, apartments, and a hotel.

Abramovich: The Billionaire from NowhereAccording to reports, Roman Abramovich, 41, is worth $11.2 billion. His influence can even be felt by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Recently, Putin asked him to help finance a 2018 World Cup bid in Russia! In some ways, Abramovich is even more powerful than Putin himself.

As for his girlfriend, Dasha Zhukova, 29, she is an avid art lover. Zhukova is on the board of trustees at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. In 2008, she  founded the Garage Center for Contemporary Culture in Moscow. Zhukova is reported to be independently wealthy as well.

Interestingly, if Abramovich decides to build a museum on his New Holland Island, art lovers around the world would be able to visit the gallery and see his amazing collection! What do you think about his purchase? When a person has as much money as Abramovich, it’s a safe bet everything can be bought.

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