Romney: Give troopers power to arrest illegals

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I just received a news update from, in essence saying that Massachusetts state troopers may soon be allowed to arrest immigrants who are there illegally.  Currently, troopers are powerless in detaining people due to immigration status violations.

Supposedly, he has consummated an arrangement whereas state troopers would be allowed to arrest lawbreakers.

I am a big baccker of Romney for President in 2008.  I'd like to hear your opinion on the following.  Those who know me know that I like to hear points of agreement and disagreement alike.  My goal is not to get into an argument.

1)  Is this arrangement a good idea?  Why/why not?

2)  Does this arrangement make you want to support him more for President in 2008?  Less? Makes no difference?

Look forward to hearing from you, fellow gatherers! 


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