Romney Stepford Wife Uses Teleprompter at RNC

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The Romney Stepford wife, Ann, may have received a standing ovation from conservatives at the RNC, but what if she had not used a teleprompter? The woman’s been quoted as making asinine statements like being “glad” that some women don’t have the choice of staying at home and must both work and take care of children, so she probably couldn’t speak off-the-cuff without stumbling.

In high-stakes convention speech, Ann Romney connects

It was her first time speaking with a teleprompter, which is probably why she didn’t make many mistakes. With it being so close to a presidential election, Mittens can’t afford for his sock puppet to make mistakes like she’s been known to do. Remember “you people” have been shown all this family wants to show you, right?

“A storybook marriage? No, not at all. What Mitt and I have is a real marriage.”

She made a stretch, using her past health issues as the crutch that sets her marriage aside from those you read about in fairytales, using a teleprompter the whole time. She made claims that storybook marriages in the fairytales never bring up MS or breast cancer, *yawn* but they surely do involve the pampered princess who has “the help” raise those children and clean her house while the rich husband is away bringing home the bread! This lady is a joke, and she’s always been privileged enough even if she did contract health conditions that millions of others end up getting as well. The difference between her and the rest of the breast cancer and MS sufferers? She could afford to throw money at the conditions to rid herself of them while “the help” took care of the rest.

Of course, her teleprompter didn’t remind her to think about that…

Of course she’s not the only person to rely on teleprompters to deliver speeches. President Barack Obama has used them before to relay policy information to those who listen to him, but he never used one to tell a poignant story about his relationship with his wife and children. He’s able to talk about that kind of stuff without messing up!

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