Romney Taxes Show Love of Money at the Expense of America

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The Romney taxes released last week are revealing of his true love – wealth and money. Mitt Romney made money at the expense of America. He bet against America and was cashing in on that bet. Would you bet on this guy to put any one or any thing above his desire to create personal wealth? That would be a losing bet.

His 2011 taxes reveal he bet against the American dollar. The Romney Trust profited if the American dollar fell in value versus foreign currencies. That means Romney was hoping the American dollar would decrease in value. Meaning he wished for America’s economy to keep declining. The farther down the hole America went, the richer Mitt Romney became!

The Romney Trust also owned stock in a Chinese-state-owned oil company, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC). CNOOC recently purchased Nexen Inc. in Calgary, Canada. So, Mitt Romney owned shares of a Chinese company that has its hands in the Keystone pipeline deal. Makes perfect sense why Romney would support the Keystone pipeline deal doesn’t it? And the Republicans in Congress that are pressing for that pipeline should have their investments analyzed to see if they just happen to own stock in CNOOC or any other company that would profit from such a deal.

CNOOC is also be under fire for human rights violations too. Not surprising that Romney would invest in physically hurting people as well; after all, if they don’t make at least a million dollars a year, what good are they?

Very conveniently, Romney sold off shares of foreign investments the day before a Republican primary debate in Iowa last year. On August 10, 2011 the Romney Trust sold off shares of a Swiss Bank, a Luxembourg steel company, and Danish and Japanese machinery companies. Right about the time Romney became highly critical of the Obama administration’s policies toward China. Kinda brings to mind the convenient sale of Wachovia and Citigroup shares made by Paul Ryan the same day Bernanke and Paulson came to the Hill to discuss the banking crisis. There is certainly an awful lot of coincidental profiting happening around the Republicans. Lucky people, those Republicans.

The Romney taxes released in the future, if there are any more, will only further show the true Mitt Romney. He does everything for selfish reasons. For example, he personally benefited from the Olympics by selling Dominos pizza and other products by companies Bain Capital owned. The Salt Lake Olympics made Romney more money in the long run because his profits at Bain Capital are taxed at a lower rate than his salary would have been, and he donated that so that’s another write-off. He appears to be doing something ‘good‘ and ‘selfless‘ to his mentally challenged supporters. Mitt Romney doesn’t know the meaning of the word selfless.

Anyone that bets against America is not qualified to be President of the United States of America.

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