Romulan Warbird UFO Spotted in Aurora Borealis (Video)

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A UFO, looking amazingly like a decloaked Romulan warbird made famous by Star Trek, has been filmed peeking out from the Aurora Borealis. The amazing twist? The original photo was taken by NASA.

In a video posted to YouTube, an unidentified flying object, seen in a photo taken by an astronaut on the International Space Station, eerily floats inside the lights over the northern sky. Its similarity to any number of sci-fi spaceships is undeniable, but it looks most like the classic image of a spaceship from Star Fleet’s arch enemy, the Romulans.

Obviously, there is no such thing. But the odd-shaped UFO is clearly something tangible. Is it a bird? If so, it’s gigantic. Is it a weird refraction of light? Possibly. Or, can it be some kind of super-secret aircraft the government is developing? That can’t be ruled out either.

After all, truth is stranger than fiction.

The video, made from the still image, enhances and enlarges the original. But it only serves to deepen the mystery.

What is it?

Check it out:

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