Ron Paul calls it quits!

Ron Paul calls it quits for his presidential bid to be president of the United States. The reason he gave was simply money. The Ron Paul campaign has devoted followers, but it seems that their devotion does not mean money.

The campaign is broke! So will Ron Paul followers move to Mitt Romney? It is not likely as many are still carrying on the good fight. Ron Paul is a Libertarian and not really a Republican, so his devotees may not make the slide over to Mitt Romney.

Also, Ron Paul is still collecting delegates. There is a big divide among Mitt Romney and Ron Paul loyal folks. In the end the main cause they have in common is a desire to rid the country of Obama. Will that be enough to translate into votes for Romney? Some will just stay home and sit out the election, but that is a waste and gains them nothing but the pouty prize. We’ll see!

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