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A friend said watching Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) was like watching a sideshow. Lately, it seems like it. Racist newsletters, a supposedly strong connection to Neo-Nazi’s (supporters are VERY SURE this is a lie/setup/mistake and it just might be) and interesting foreign policy ideas. Regardless of the sideshow, Paul was on point last night on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight”.

The congressman, in Nevada for today’s Caucus, joined host Piers Morgan at Planet Hollywood’s Koi in Las Vegas for the interview. Early on, Morgan pointed out that Paul had “extraordinary support from young people.” Indeed, he does. Very internet and tech savvy young people support him no matter what. Comments on Thursday’s article prove that his team is unwavering and loyal. Is it blind faith, or solid confidence in their candidate?

Morgan asked how Paul was able to have such incredible energy at his age (76). Paul said that he has a very strict regime that involves a lot of exercise. He said he likes to get outside and ride his bike (remember that awesome challenge he made to the other candidates? 25 mile bike ride in the Texas heat!) and enjoys walking three to four miles “to clear my head”. Clearly, the doctor believes in the old “practice what you preach.”

They also talked about Mitt Romney’s blunder about not caring about poor people. “I think the problem is he’s a victim of his own economic theories, rather than him being cold and heartless.” He said, “Actually, I think I ended up probably defending him more than he defended himself.” That’s probably because it appeared that Romney really didn’t care much about his mistake. You can watch the interview below.

Other Ron Paul news: After Donald Trump gave his endorsement to Mitt Romney, the Ron Paul campaign sent out this hilarious email:

“Reality TV star, Donald Trump, who endorsed and contributed money to Harry Reid and Charlie Rangel will travel today to Nevada to endorse a Republican candidate?

“Please explain to us why anyone would care.

“Please explain to Republican voters in Nevada why they should consider the opinion of a billionaire from New York who endorsed the arch enemy of all Republicans in Nevada, and really the enemy of all Republicans in the US.

“Hopefully, media reports of this event will include this delicious irony.”

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