Ron Paul Says ‘End All Foreign Aid’ – Including to Israel

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Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is slowly revealing his key points to a 2012 election win, and the latest word is his idea to cut all foreign aid – including to close US ally Israel.

During the latest presidential debate, held in Las Vegas on Tuesday night, Paul disclosed he feels foreign aid leads to “dependence” on allies and disturbs a country’s sovereign efforts.

Michele Bachmann countered the argument by commenting she’d rather see countries the US has liberated, like Iraq and Libya, pay back their debt for those massive efforts.

But where can this line lead? Is it prudent to cut off aid to countries who share democratic outlooks in hot spots around the globe?

Does Ron Paul really believe this policy will work in the long term?

It’s easy to say provocative things while running for office. As President Obama demonstrates, it’s much harder to get a coalition of like-minded lawmakers from the House and Senate to climb on board.

Cutting foreign aid may help the bottom line as far as budgetary concerns may go. But what to do about stimulating the economy in this country?

That will be the true test for the next president, man or woman, incumbent or newly elected. To borrow an old phrase that did much to get a dark horse candidate into the White House:

“It’s the economy, stupid!”

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