Ron Paul Warns Republicans of Tea Party Wrath

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In an attempt to compromise with the Democrats on the fiscal cliff issue, Republican leaders removed four Tea Party supporters off the Budget and Financial Services Committee. The excuse given? They were “clearly not team players.” The four Republicans fired off the committee were Justin Amash of Michigan, Tim Huelskamp of Kansas, Walter Jones of North Carolina and David Schweikert of Arizona. Ron Paul spent more than 20 years in Congress and is largely responsible for starting and growing the movement against government indulgence that is bankrupting the country. Dr. Paul warned the GOP leadership that by removing these men they are incurring the wrath of the Tea Party movement. “They’re going to punish freshmen legislators?” Paul asked. “If you’re looking for dissension, then you’re going to get it.”

These four Tea Party Republicans will win with the people, say Paul. “These congressmen will never cave. They’re going to get the support of the people … They will become heroes.” They had already gained popularity with the Tea Party people by working against the Budget Control Act, which was not really about controlling the budget at all.

No conservative who cares about the financial problems of the country could ever support the Republican leadership. They have made it clear that anybody with serious belief in reducing the financial strain on the American people caused by government spending can not be allowed in the debate. Paul called the removal of these men “amazing,” saying, “You get punched for actually having sincere beliefs.” Shame on the Republican leadership for knocking down the few Republicans who are actually listening to the people of this country who want to do something serious to control the federal budget.

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