Ron Paul Was Right: Is Anybody Listening?

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Herman Cain is one of the current front-runners in Republican presidential race, but despite his experience in the business world, he may be lacking good economic sense. Ron Paul, however, seems to know exactly what he’s talking about. The problem is that a guy like Ron Paul will never be elected in America. This country is too concerned with a candidate looking presidential instead of thinking presidential.

In 2008 Paul set several campaign fundraising records and received 97 percent of his contributions from individuals yet he was still last of the four republican candidates left in Feb of 2008. Today Paul is winning some major victories (Ohio Straw poll), but the media isn’t paying attention.

Herman Cain has been in the spotlight lately, but it hasn’t seemed to help him. Instead, Cain has come under some tough scrutiny and hasn’t done such a good job of bearing it. In a recent interview, Cain responded to criticism with the idea that it’s presidential to admit mistakes. While it is nice to admit mistakes, it is arguably more presidential to make fewer mistakes.

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