Ron Paul’s Honesty Roils GOP Competitors on Iran

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Ron Paul’s honesty about the United States forced to live with a nuclear Iran is medicine that the Republican Party needs to take. The trouble is that the medicine doesn’t taste very good. Hawkish members of the party engage in puffery about U.S. military might, but with a nearly bankrupt treasury and a military fighting three wars already, the U.S. can’t do much about Iran.

What’s the gist of Paul’s position?

Ron Paul wants to return to a pragmatic approach to foreign policy. At present, the United States is giving $3 billion in aid to Israel and $12 billion in aid to its avowed enemies. The United States is engaged in wars where the American people bear the burden of the cost, while other nations and multi-national corporations profit from U.S. efforts. Paul proposes to change that with some new ideas.

  • First, Paul proposes that the U.S. rid itself of the phony posturing and end the wars.
  • Paul also proposes to remove U.S. veto power from Israel and allow that nation to carry out its own foreign policy and to cut aid to all competing factions.
  • Paul also proposes to use the power of trade, instead of military power, to build strong economic ties to countries.

What does Ron Paul believe would happen if he got his way?

File:Ronpaul1.jpgIf America adopted Ron Paul’s honesty and stopped the war rhetoric, sensible solutions could be found to many foreign policy difficulties. With the American military stretched so thin, it can’t afford war with Iran. With the exception of fringe candidate Rick Santorum, the other Republican candidates are aware that a war with Iran isn’t wise, nor likely to be successful. All of the banter about Iran is useless.

Ending the hawkish position and focusing on building ties economically is a sound foreign policy approach. Countries with robust trade relationships don’t often go to war. It’s bad for business. Surely a Republican frontrunner could admire that logic.

Paul would likewise stop the insanity of funding both sides of the Middle Eastern conflict, allow Israel autonomy in their diplomacy and open doors for American influence on the peace process. The U.S. has a bad reputation throughout the Middle East because of its meddling in the affairs of several countries. That doesn’t account for the two wars being fought there now and the third in Afghanistan.

Ron Paul’s honesty is the only medicine that will solve the ills of Republican, and now Democrat, foreign policy.

Instead of using American military force, Paul proposes to use the American imagination to spark new partnerships. Instead of fighting, Americans could be trading and partnering with emerging economies. That type of thinking requires resolve. It also requires a level of honesty that produces the humility necessary to admit that America can’t solve all the world’s problems and can’t act as the world’s policeman.

It’s going to require an honest man. Ron Paul believes that he’s that man. And many voters are beginning to agree with him.

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