‘Rookie Blue’ ‘Cold Comforts’ Recap: Raising a Glass to Jerry

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Rookie Blue season 3 continues with episode 10, “Cold Comforts.” It begins with everyone at Jerry’s grave, reminiscing. The wake and funeral are over. The next day, the world will expect nothing to be different. Nick visits Gail in the hospital and offers to take her to the grave, but she says she has to stay for more tests.

Andy can’t find Jerry’s computer, but Traci says she’ll check her car. Andy leaves with a reminder for Traci to eat and call her. Chris has also been to see Gail and plans to return. Oliver leaves work, taking a personal day. Andy checks on Sam, who doesn’t want to talk about it and asks Frank to ride alone. Frank knows it’s difficult, but they need to go through any loose ends and Jerry’s desk. Dov volunteers himself and Chris.

Luke goes to get Gail’s statement again. It can’t wait. Sadie comes into the station looking for Jerry. He was going to help get a girl off the streets. Her pimp, Calvin, knows. Traci comes in to tell them Jerry’s computer was stolen. Oliver goes to the bar, orders a drink for Jerry, and says “cheers.” Oh, Oliver.

Sam finds Jerry’s computer at a pawn shop, and though the guy says it was wiped clean when he got it, Sams not buying it. He finally admits that there were names on it, he called Calvin, and he backed it up. Gail goes over what happened with Luke. While cleaning out Jerry’s desk, Chris finds cash. Sam tells Frank Jerry had something going on with a confidential informant just before Dov brings Frank the cash. Traci knew something was in play. The guy, Dale, was skittish and only wanted to talk to Jerry. Frank sends Andy and Nick to his address, and they find his door open and Dale unconscious.

Dale was supposed to pay off his suppliers and do another buy. His suppliers came looking for him. They tell Dale about Jerry’s death, and he’s sorry, but he needs the money. His suppliers will come back. Sam tells him his file will be taken over. Dale asks about his 16-year-old autistic brother, Gabriel, who was supposedly at the apartment. Andy says they’ll go back to check, and Sam doesn’t buy it. He eventually agrees to go, and Andy goes with him.

Noelle joins Oliver at the bar with her daughter. She can’t believe it’s real, and though Oliver comments “occupational hazard,” he never thought it would happen. Neither did she. Though Sam thinks Dale was lying about a brother because they weren’t helping him, Andy finds a photo on the refrigerator. Dale tells Nick he wouldn’t go anywhere else and insists they took him. Jerry’s phone keeps ringing, but they’re not answering it. Dov can’t open a box, but Traci uses her knife on it and tells them to try again before walking away. She finds Sadie still there, and she tells Traci she liked Jerry because he seemed to really care. Luke walks by and tells Traci Gail keeps stopping in her statement when she gets to Jerry’s part. The officers bring Dale in, and he tells them Mike is big on the heroin scene. Sam tells him he’s going to go in, do the buy, and then when they make the arrest, they’ll find Gabriel if he exists.

Though Dale doesn’t want to go in wired, he has no choice. Andy brings up Gabriel, and he agrees. Gail’s had enough visitors, but then Traci stops by. Gail can’t look at her because she thinks it’s her fault. He would’ve been able to call for help if he didn’t use his phone to help them find her. Traci tells her, “That’s just who Jerry is—Jerry was.” Gail thinks that whenever Traci looks at her, she’ll be reminded why Jerry’s dead, but she says she’ll be a reminder that his death meant something. Gail wants her to help her, and she asks her to come with her. She needs a friend.

Chris and Dov continue going through Jerry’s stuff. They find an old photo of Jerry, Sam, and Oliver. Chris says it’s the job and can happen to one of them. They agree to clean out each other’s desks. Gail and Traci join Oliver at the bar, and he tells them about Jerry buying him five pairs of underwear the week before. Noelle walks over with her baby and asks Traci how she is. She’s numb. After Dale goes in, they can tell he’s too nervous or trying to tip them off. When the wire goes down, Andy goes in and Sam and Nick go around back.

When Andy finds Dale, he runs while she and Sam cuff the dealers. Nick catches Dale outside. Sam tells the officers on scene it was Jerry’s case. He deserves the credit. He still doesn’t believe Dale’s brother exists and he’s tired of following her around. He should’ve listened to Jerry, not a rookie. He needed to stay away from her for the day, but she wouldn’t let him. Back at the station, Nick tells Andy Dale’s brother died years ago.

Chris and Dov join the others at the bar. They tell Traci Jerry was sponsoring a kid, and they’d like to continue to do so for him. Once Nick and Andy arrive, Oliver makes a toast to Jerry and drinks Jerry’s Scotch. Traci stands next, reading the speech Jerry wrote for their wedding. She gets through his words for Noelle, Oliver, and Sam, but Gail has to take over when she reaches what he wrote for her.

Andy follows Sam outside. He knows he was taking it out on her, but he can’t be a cop and be with her anymore. It’s over. Traci tells everyone they’re not alone and asks them to raise a glass to her husband. Jerry’s phone rings in the empty office.

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